Smart Heating Controls


set my heating to 21 degrees."

Smart Thermostats add more functionality and more efficiency to your heating system. As well as being able control your heating through your smartphone or tablet, you can take advantage of the intelligent learning capabilities that come in-built to most Smart Thermostats,

From the first time it's used, it calculates the time it takes to heat your home and self adjusts to make sure your home is warm by the time set on schedule. So if you get home from work at 6pm each day, the Smart Thermostat might calculate that it needs to begin heating at 5pm to make sure your home is warm as you arrive.*

Most Smart Thermostats come with voice command capabilities that work with Alexa, Siri or Google voice assistants. We can help guide you to select the right thermostat for you and your home.

You can add further functionality using Smart Radiator Thermostats to control individual rooms!

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Smart Thermostats use the internet to download weather information and are able to use OpenTherm technology to modulate your boiler. This adds even more efficiency helping to reduce your heating costs.*

Please contact us for a no obligation assessment of your current boiler and heating system. We can then provide you with the best options compatible with your system.


* Functionality varies between different types of Smart Thermostat. Please contact us to discuss your requirements to allow us to help you select the best thermostat for your system. OpenTherm technology is only available on modern boilers, ask us to check if your boiler is compatible if you think it may be too old.